Alternative Crutches Help Ease the Pain

alternative crutches for foot injury

Alternative crutches help ease the pain Crutches have been around for a long time and without much of a change. While crutches are proven to effectively unload the weight off of your injured leg or foot speeding up recovery time, they can be extremely uncomfortable.  There is underarm pain, not to mention how awkward it … Read more

Massaging Your Way Out of Foot Pain

foot massage

Massaging Your Way Out of Foot Pain Do your feet hurt?  Have you been standing or working on your feet all day long?  I bet your feet could use a little TLC.  You might think about massaging your way out of foot pain.  Foot pain can come in many forms, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, achilles … Read more

Best Electric Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis

electric foot massager

Best Electric Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis You’re on your feet all day long, and they hurt right.  Maybe you have plantar fasciitis, heel, or arch pain.  You know what would be great for that, especially if you have plantar fasciitis, the best electric foot massager for plantar fasciitis. Now I know you can massage … Read more

Do insoles really help with foot pain?

shoe insole

Shoe Insoles for Foot Pain Relief Are you suffering from some type of foot pain?  If you suffer from some type of foot pain like plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis, you might be looking into ways to help relieve that pain.  One way might be to use a shoe insert/ insole, or orthotic.   So the … Read more

Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

insole for plantar fasciitis

Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews Do you have plantar fasciitis and you think you could benefit for a shoe insole or orthotic insert?  If so, you know the pain that is involved with the condition, and for those of us who have had plantar fasciitis or currently suffer from plantar fasciitis, you know that … Read more

Compression Socks for Ankle Injuries

ankle compression sock

Compression Socks for Ankle Injuries If you have injured your ankle recently you might be wondering what can you do about the pain, and get back to moving around with less pain.  You might want to try compression socks for ankle injuries.  Compression socks or sleeves have many benefits.  They can provide compression which helps reduce swelling … Read more

10 Remedies for Foot Pain


Treating foot pain doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be easier than you think.  Take a look at the following 10 Remedies for Foot Pain.  Hopefully one of these methods will help with your foot, ankle or Achilles tendon pain.   HOT AND COLD WATER BATHS – Contrast Hydrotherapy Contrast baths are a form of hot … Read more

Best Foot Cream For Pain


Are you having pain in your feet?  If so you might want to find the best foot cream for pain.  There are many different types of foot cream that are used for pain relief.  In this post, we will review several different foot creams that are great a treating pain associated with plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains … Read more

Why use a Night Splint?


Have you been experiencing consistent pain issues with your foot or ankle due to plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis?  If so you might want to use a night splint as part of your treatment or recovery plan.  So why use a night splint? What are Night Splints Used For? Night splints can be used to treat many feet or … Read more

TENS or EMS for Ankle Pain


Spraining your ankle can be painful, so can ankle tendonitis. You may have hurt your ankle a while ago and you still have pain.  There are many ways to treat the ankle pain.  Two methods that you might not hear about so often are TENS or EMS for ankle pain. What are TENS and EMS? … Read more